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May 31, 2012
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Burning Snow by Orioto Burning Snow by Orioto
Those who follow me on Twitter or Tumblr probably saw this one some weeks ago. I'm not really happy with it so i didn't want to put it on Deviant for a while haha!

For the wallpapers, [link] or find it on the internet ;)

And don't forget you can buy all my stuff here : [link]
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Sweeeet work! It's always a somewhat tricky proposition to have any kind of mess put over the scene be it snow, smoke or such, even though it's relatively easy to do with digital tools, it's still tricky to setup so it doesn't obscure too much, but it's done well here.

Very good job :D.
Connorses Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Student General Artist
I like this piece it creates a good atmosphere.
stefunnylynn Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
So much going on in this! I really like it.
EllyrythWindriver Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a little difficult to see everything that's going on, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, since it conveys the ferocity of the storm, which also complements the action-y feeling for me :b
Krogothh Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
OMG! So epic!
inviso Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012
nice one, but i think it would be better if you reduce the amount of flying snow...
masterkirkby Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Well it certainly isn't Battletoads, but it's still pretty awesome!
FortesGospel1984 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
I can't help but wonder how awesome the final fight with Vader from that game would look in your style.
Kk-Man Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Looks great as usual.
jamesgunner123 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
...those games were fantastic.....but they made me want to tear into my Super Nintendo with my teeth....X3
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